Your personal guide to movies

W Movies was launched as a brand extension of the W network. The new channel had to have its own look, design and colour palette (so it would feel like a unique and different service) but be easily recognized as a complimentary, sister channel to W Network.

The result was a very modern brand, which feels like your personal guide to great movies. The elements of the package create a sense of a continual conversation in a communal environment.


We wanted to engage audience on a personal level by promoting more approachable experience where viewers could relate to the content. Driven by this idea, we designed friendly and playful environment to make watching movies really entertaining. With humor at heart, the brand’s navigational elements always feel fun, energetic and full of life, conveying our passion and love for movies. Below is an example of few retention idents we created – “Ice Cubes”, “Pizza” and “Bathroom Break”. They meant to be witty, fun and conversational.

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