No job is beneath you

This multi-tiered marketing campaign for the launch of new episodes of the series Undercover Boss Canada captures the spirit of the series. We have shot and produced two fifteen seconds Yonge-Dundas Square spots to leverage the concept of the series and the medium in an interesting way.

The spots feature a CEO sweeping the screen clean with a push broom and another with the CEO wiping the screen down. Each spot is tagged with the company that is featured in that week’s episode and drive to tune in on W Network.


Making garbage look good on the screen was surprisingly creative & fun! Almost all elements were practical and we only added some minimal dirt particles in the post. One of the issues we run into, was a cracked glass. We ordered specially tempered 3 layers of glass which we thoroughly tested it the day before the shoot. However, on the day of the shoot, one of the sheets cracked!  Luckily enough the crack ended up looking like some scratches and blended pretty well with the garbage.

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