One feast, many possibilities!

The Thanksgiving IDs were shot to accompany the Food Network’s Thanksgiving package and were created for on-air and digital use to promote the seasonal programming and web content. The concept was based on four traditional Thanksgiving

elements (cranberries, pumpkin, turkey and a pie) and exploring them in very untraditional ways. We wanted the viewers response to be: “Wow – I didn’t realize there were so many ways to prepare Thanksgiving dinner… I’m gonna try something new….”.


The vision for the art direction was a contemporary space with a touch of heritage, but not too rustic. We wanted to make it warm and family friendly with seasonal feel (harvest), fall colours and decor. I love art directing and styling food and for me it to all comes downs to a meticulous pre-shoot preparation. The storyboards below show the process and preparation that went into the shoot and it’s always rewarding when the final work reflects closely to what was planned and boarded.

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